Six Questions to Ask a Prospective Appliance Repair Service

It is never convenient to have an appliance break, and hiring an unqualified repair company can add even more stress to the situation. When faced with a broken item in your home, be sure to hire a professional who can get the necessary fixes done quickly and accurately. By asking a few key questions, customers can easily identify credible companies and take the guesswork out of the search. So, when interviewing a prospective company, be sure to ask these questions:

Do you have any references?

It is a good sign when an appliance repair company is willing to share a couple of references with prospective clients. Be sure to follow-up by calling a few of their past customers and verifying that the reviews are both positive and credible. If the company refuses to provide any references, it is a red flag kenmore appliance repair los angeles.

Do you offer any warranties for your services?

Clients never want to find themselves in a situation where they have paid hefty repair costs only to find that the appliance breaks down again shortly after. Be sure the company offers a warranty or guarantee for any services they provide.

How much would it cost to replace a (insert specific part with make and model here)?

By inquiring about a particular service, clients can find out what kinds of charges the company factors into its billing fees. Ask them to break down their estimate and share what they would charge for the part, for labor, and for any other fees. Inquiring about the same part and service with several different companies also provides the customer with an efficient way of comparing prices.

Are you insured?

It is important that an appliance repair company has insurance coverage to protect the client from unwanted charges. If a professional from an uninsured company is harmed while performing a repair, the homeowner could be held liable for the related expenses. A company’s insurance can also cover any costs that a homeowner would incur should a professional cause damage to the residence during the service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Because businesses must complete a background check before they can receive authorization to accept credit cards, this can signify that the company is more reputable and established. Customers who pay by credit card may also have more protection in the event they receive poor service.

How long have you been in business?

Although not always a sure indicator of quality, if an organization has a long business history this can demonstrate that they are successful and trustworthy. Finding out about the training and experience of the professionals the appliance repair company employs is also a good idea.

By asking a few important questions, customers can easily identify reputable technicians that can tackle any task. In addition to conducting interviews with each company, customers should also check the organization’s status with the Better Business Bureau. Checking online review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List can also help clients narrow down the search and find the best candidate to meet their needs.

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