Taking Care of Your Microwave Oven

Depending on the model and the brand that you buy, microwave ovens can cost you a lot of money. Like any other kinds of appliances, they run the risk of breaking down prematurely. So, the best thing you can do for your microwave oven is to take care of it and make sure that you get what you paid for. Also, taking proper care of your oven will also lessen the risk of fires and other disasters.

The first thing that you can do to care for your microwave oven is making sure to place a cover on top of the food container when you are heating something up. This will help lessen the food splatters inside the oven. But be sure not to completely seal it. If your food container doesn’t have a cover, just use a piece of wax paper whirlpool stove and oven repair pasadena.

But if food splatters still happen, then be sure to clean it up at once. Use a damp dish rag to get rid of the food particles and use a dry dish rag to dry everything up. Also, another area that you should never forget to clean is the area around the door. If you neglect to clean this up, dirt can build up there which will prevent the proper closing of the microwave oven.

However, if you did not get to the food splatters on time and some of them have dried up, then boil some water in the microwave. The steam from the water will loosen up the dried splatters. Leave it in the microwave for five minutes then, simply wipe everything dry.

Another thing is if you are having some odor problems with your microwave oven, then, get a bowl and mix in one part lemon juice and three parts water. Let for three to five minutes in the microwave and let it cool after that. Afterward, just remove and wipe everything dry.

A couple of things that you have to remember though are to never use abrasive pads or powders on your microwave oven. Also, do not use the oven for canning, deep-frying or heating baby bottles. You always have to make sure that all the utensils and containers that you are placing into your oven is microwave safe. Some melting may occur if you place containers that aren’t safe for use within a microwave.

Another thing that you should never do is to dry clothing items in the microwave oven. I know it sounds silly but if you do this, you will run the risk of starting a fire. On that note, refrain from putting any flammable objects in your microwave.

The microwave could be one of the greatest conveniences that you have in your kitchen. It is easy and, most important of all, it is quick. This is why you should take all these extra measures to take care of your microwave otherwise, it might end up costing you more to pay for repairs or to buy a new microwave oven.

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